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We believe that your family has its own distinct story. Your home should reflect this story with care and character, blending architectural integrity and architectural interest. We do more than construct houses; we build.

Our discovery process is engineered to learn your story. We want to know who you are, what you desire to create, and how you want to live. We will also share our home-building philosophy, and how we work to integrate the style, craftsmanship, and finish that will bring your story to life.


Working with a draftsman, we fuse together all that we have learned into a layout that is uniquely yours. We then build an estimate, bringing together all the elements of your design into a unified and transparent working budget. From here, we finalize the amenities of your home, select designers, and receive final bids.

Upon signing the build agreement, our team will initiate the pre-construction process. Here we oversee every detail leading up to groundbreaking, establishing timelines, setting priorities, and defining clear and measurable goals.

As we enter construction, Frontier will serve as your project manager. We oversee every aspect of the build including managing the site, ensuring deadlines are met, and inspecting quality. The success of our work depends on precise and transparent communication, with both the crew we oversee and with our clients. To facilitate this, we utilize a client portal that will provide you with real-time updates as your story unfolds. This includes:

  • Schedules
  • Site Photos
  • Daily Logs
  • Plans and Documents
  • Budgets and Invoices
  • Selections
  • Change Order Requests

Welcome home! With the home complete and the punch list addressed, we do a final walk-through together to celebrate the completion of your home, and the beginning of the next chapter in your story.

As you begin to live what you first dreamed, Frontier continues to serve as your partner. We offer service calls to address home maintenance, coordinate new projects and ongoing service, and negotiate discounted fees as your home evolves.

Price Range: $500,000 and up


Professionally Represented By:

Joe Evans

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