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WE ARE DIFFERENT - Have you ever wondered what the true cost of building a home is? Are you frustrated talking to other builders when they say, well, we can do that, but it is going to cost you. Would you like to build something different than the 5 different floor plans being offered to you? Are you having trouble finding a floor plan you actually like? If so, we just might be what you are looking for.

PRICING - Our pricing model is cost plus or true cost, meaning you see the real numbers that it costs to build your home. This shows you the real cost to build your home. No games, no hidden fees and straight forward pricing. We don't mark up invoices for materials or labor, you get complete transparency in pricing. You pay the true cost of materials and labor, plus a fee to manage your project. You give up nothing in this process as we are a full service builder. The only thing you will notice different is the cost difference between us and a fixed (retail cost) builder. We also offer full design assistance, complete flexibility for selections and plenty of hand holding.


HOW IT WORKS - We can start with an idea or use one of our plans. From here, we make it yours by doing some custom changes. Once we have the design, we send it out to bid. When the bids come back, we go through the actual bids from each and every subcontractor to see the details that will go into your new home. This process guarantees you have a firm grip on budget. You see the actual bids and pay the actual invoices.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Beginning in 2014, EVERY single home that Complete Custom Builds will be a Certified High Performance Home. This means that every home we build is guaranteed to be 35% more efficient than every single home built to code currently being built. Our homes are constructed more tightly and the increase in energy efficiency can save you up to $1000 a year in utilities.

Price Range: $300's-$1M+


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