The BHHS Ambassador Story

Ambassador Real Estate


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate is dedicated to providing progressive, quality real estate services in metropolitan Omaha and Lincoln surrounding areas.

These services include residential real estate sales of existing homes, new construction and condos. We have specialists available for transferring buyers, corporate relocation, third party relocation, acreages, commercial real estate and other niche markets.

Our agents are dedicated to servicing our sellers and buyers. They are committed to maintaining an open line of communication, providing information on market data and trends, and creating that all-important trust between client and agent. Weekly reports straight to you via email on buyers viewing your home. Neighborhood and market activity of what going on in the local and national real estate markets.

With over 900 licensed agents, we have an agent to meet your needs regardless of the style, price or age of the property you are looking for.

We at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate conduct our business with the highest regard for good business ethics, fair housing practices and a fundamental belief in the right to own real property.

We look forward to helping you sell your home or find that dream home you are looking for. We believe in each other and ourselves. We understand that trust is earned and that good professional service is an essential part of that.




Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate Advantages

The Most Productive Office in North America

Most Productive Real Estate Company in Nebraska Since 2015

Highest Sales Price in the State for Residential Sellers

Largest Number of Relocation Sales

Continued Growth For The Past 10+ Years


We were ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine, CultureIQ and Entrepreneur's 2017 Top Company Cultures list as the 12th BEST COMPANY CULTURE in the large company category in the United States! We were recognized for creating an exceptional culture that drives employee engagement, exceeds expectations and directly impacts company success.





The office space that a real estate company occupies should create a positive energy and culture that helps everyone be more productive. But just as important, your environment should make your agents want to come to the office each day. Our organization just finished building a new office, of which the real estate company will be occupying approximately 55,000 square feet and housing 500-plus agents and staff. I believe having one mega office versus multi-office locations makes it much easier to create that unbelievable environment we all want.

Young or old, male or female, client or co-worker, a classy and intriguing curb appeal is at the top of the list for a trend-setting, state-of-the-art facility. The dynamic, fun vibe starts the sec­ond you walk through the front door. Our building entrance and reception areas have glass walls, funky col­ors, accent lighting, coffee stations and bar tables. We want to give our visitors and clients a first impression that will blow them away.

Functional and fashionable is our design philosophy. Why not have a custom-made conference table that also serves as a ping pong table that you can later sign a contract on? We've found it important to have space in which agents can collabo­rate or just get together to catch up­cool spaces that make everyone feel upbeat and excited about what they are discussing. We have built out our kitchens to connect with this col­laboration space. And because we've spent so much time preaching prospecting, we also put in glass pros­pecting booths that are soundproof; therefore, no excuse not to make your calls.

Our intent was also to design spac­es for every type of agent, from hotel­ type stations and lockers for part­ time agents to multi-office suites for huge teams. We also wanted cubicles to have some flair, so we designed them in different heights and colors with glass on top. Every person in our organization needs to know they are important and feel wanted.

To engage agents outside of day-to­day work, we designed outdoor com­munity spaces where colleagues can network and reboot. The more places we can have for agents to interact, the more likely they will be to share ideas and work together on transac­tions. That is why we signed an agree­ment with the restaurant adjacent to our office, Pitch, to add a rooftop bar and outdoor patio seating. We can also have our mastermind and think tank meetings there; it's close to our building, but we are still out of the of­fice, so no one will get distracted.

Creating a health-conscious of­fice was also important to us, so we included a hotel-inspired gym and physical activity rooms. We even have a walking club within the office-agents are taking walks around the office together. (Eight laps around is one mile!) Addition­ally, desks and workstations are de­signed to be sit-down or stand-up to further encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Having the right amenities to make our agents' lives easier was also a priority in designing the new build­ing. We have underground parking for agents where they will also be able to have their car washed during the sum­mer while they're working. Outlets in our conference room, prospecting booths and collaboration areas are all equipped with USB connections.

Agents love personalizing their offices to make them inviting and unique to who they are, and we encourage them to do so. Therefore, agents are customizing their offices with what­ever they can think of-foosball and ping pong tables, barn doors, man­nequins, chandeliers, TVs and mini bars. This promotes self-expression, helps bring out their individuality, and shows their pride of ownership.

We've found that when you have an office that invites agents to collabo­rate, have fun and be productive-a place where they can proudly bring their clients-they will want to be at work more often and work harder. They are excited to share their unique, creative environment.

- RIS Media