Joshua Ehrenberg

Joshua Ehrenberg

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Thanks for checking out my webpage. From here you'll be able to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Sign up for my Email List, and get my contact information. My blog is also located here. At any time if you have questions concerning anything real estate, please feel free to reach out to me. It's what I know.

A little about me-- I've spent the past 20 years fixing or building homes. I know more about houses than any other agent in the Metro Area. I can tell you if the nice updated home is covering up potential problems or if the "as is" house has great bones and lots of potential.

The one thing I Love the most in real estate is working with people who want to buy a house that we can remodel and fix up so they not only get an updated house that matches their needs but also gain lots of equity when they move in.

My second passion about real estate is investments. If you are looking for rentals or houses to flip I can talk all day long about this subject. With my general contracting experience I can know how to get from purchase to profit and everything in between. I have all the contacts you'll need to get things done.

I'm apart of Team Ehrenberg. It's my wife Meredith and myself, but you get both of us for the price of one agent. You know a few things about me but let me brag on my wife. She was made for real estate. Every year she has more in sales volume than some real estate teams of 3-5 do total as at team. She is an unbelievable negotiator. I've seen her negotiage for her clients so well other agents have thought she's be at this for 30yrs. Sorry guys she's not that old!! :)  She's also so good at finding homes that meet her clients needs they all love her for it.

So now that you know a few things about me call me up and lets talk real estate.


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