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Thank you for visiting our page! We are Lyndsey Golden and Cindy Golden and we are THE GOLDEN GIRLS!  A daughter/mother real estate team commited to YOU, our clients!  Please take a minute to browse through our webpage to get to know us a little better...

Professional Background

Lyndsey Golden - "I have actually been a cosmetologist for over ten years now.  After working in two of the top salons in Omaha and also owning my own salon, I am now also a Nebraska and Iowa licensed REALTOR.  Going way back to my beginning days of working in the salon, some of my hair clients (that I still have today) can remember me talking to them about how someday I would like to work as both a hairstylist and also a realtor.  I have always enjoyed working with people and my favorite part about being a hairstylist is the direct impact I have on how someone feels about themselves.  I can make a bad day look a little brighter, I can be the therapist they didn't know they had, and I can help someone look in the mirror and see the beautiful person they've always been, but never knew was there.  As a hairstylist, you develop a strong relationship with your clients and one common discussion point that would come up frequently would be real estate.  Someone was always telling me about their personal experiences with buying or selling real estate or about friends or family that they knew and how real estate was affecting them.  That is when I decided it would be a perfect fit to combine the two careers.  I believe that the qualities that you should look for in a real estate agent are also some of the same qualities you'll find in your hairstylist.  You want someone you can TRUST and COUNT ON...  Real Estate is one of the biggest financial (and sometimes, personal) decisions of your life.  The qualities that I would look for in a REALTOR would be TRUST, DEPENDABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, COMMITTED, CARING, COMPASSIONATE, UNDERSTANDING, and last, but not least, you want to work with someone that has the MOTIVATION and DETERMINATION to NEGOTIATE the BEST deal for you!  To be a business owner or to work in real estate in today's economy, you have to have DRIVE to get things done... That being said...When you're searching for a REALTOR, you want to look for a person that has all of these qualities...  THAT PERSON IS ME!


Cindy Golden - "In my life I have been a great many things, favorite of all, and the career that has made me the most proud, is MOM.  But my professional background officially started and will now continue with all aspects of real estate.  My experience has been in commercial real estate management, executive assisting, and now also residential real estate sales.  I have always had passion for real estate and have now decided to ignite that spark again... After being a stay at home mom for thirty years, I joined my daughter in 2011 to become the Blanche to her Dorothy and form The Golden Girls:)"    

Personal Background

In this section I (Lyndsey) wanted to try to relate our personal backgrounds to real estate.  I felt that the best way to do this was to explain just what real estate has meant to me and my mom.  I can only hope that what you take from this is the feeling that the real estate experience that you will receive from my mom and I is coming from the knowledge we have that this decision (the process of buying or selling a home) is one that can affect your whole life.  It has meaning and it is personal.  We will strive to treat each situation as if it was our own with respect and care.

Lyndsey - "As lifelong resident of Omaha I have a strong passion for the community in which I live and work.  I grew up in the neighborhood that is, what I believe, one of the best kept secrets of Omaha - Ponca Hills.  My family moved to Ponca when I was 7 years old to be closer to my grandparents who already lived there.  My grandparents lived on a beautiful acreage.  It was my favorite place on earth and I spent all of my free time there.  My grandfather was a rodeo cowboy in his youth and was the first to introduce me to horses... it was all downhill from there.  I grew up riding and showing and training and generally just loving these beautiful creatures.  Horsebackriding was, and always will be, my favorite pastime.  The best part of this story is how I will tie it into real estate as a career choice for me.  You see, I now live on that acreage from my childhood.  My house and property is one of the most important things in my life.  It holds memories and love from family experiences everywhere that I turn.  I can only hope that I can bring the same passion and commitment to helping someone else find their dream home.  Because, for me, that's what my home has always been... the home I daydreamed as a child of living in and hope to never leave."


Cindy - "I, too, have lived the majority of my life in Omaha.  I married my husband when we were 17.  The Air Force took us places we never dreamed we'd live like Germany, England, and even Hawaii.  But eventually we made our way back to Omaha.  We did try to move to Arizona, but ultimately decided when it was time to have children that Omaha was the best place to raise a family.  We have two beautiful daughters Lyndsey (which you now know) and Amber (Amber is currently at Methodist College studying for her BSN in Nursing).  As Lyndsey mentioned above, we moved to Ponca when she was 7 years old.  Before we bought our acreage, we used to have Sunday dinners at my parents' place in Ponca Hills.  On our way to dinner and sometimes after we would drive around the neighborhood hoping to find our own dream home.  One day it happened, we were driving around and my husband spotted the for sale sign.  We called our realtor and he showed us the house.  I thought my husband was crazy at first because the house needed (what I thought) a lot of work to call it my home.  But my husband had extraordinary vision.  The property was almost 3 acres and had plenty of room to reinvent our dreams.  We put in an offer thinking we would have time to think about our next move and how we would negotiate, but the offer was accepted almost immediately and the rest as they say is history.  Now, 27 years and multiple remodel and add-on projects later, it is still our HOME."

Personal Interests

Lyndsey - "Spending time with my Family, Horses, Traveling, Concerts, Reading, Working Outside, Gardening, Cooking, Catching up with friends, watching favorite DVR'd TV shows, Movies"

Cindy - "Spending time with my Family, Traveling, Reading, Cooking, Movies, Sewing"


While we strive for excellence in all aspects of real estate, our background and passion lies with our own neighborhood of Ponca Hills along with all other Acreages and Horse Properties.  Some other areas we have focused on are neighborhoods like Country Club and Deer Creek here in Omaha, and also Fort Calhoun, Wahoo, and Southwest Iowa to name a few.  There is no property too far.  We welcome all real estate inquiries and would love to help with any property. 

Also... Lyndsey is licensed in BOTH Nebraska AND Iowa

Call (402)650-7010 or Email us at TODAY! 



Community Involvement

-We support the Ponca Hills Voluteer Fire Department

-Lyndsey is also a member on the Douglas County Fair Board.


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