Is fear getting in your way?

Fear keeps so many aspiring investors from taking that first step. I can help turn that fear into the confidence you need to begin building your financial future because I am also investors.Practical knowledge  and experience speak volumes.

If you are an investor or thinking of becoming one in all likelihood you know of friends, associates, etc. that have talked to you about Real Estate and all have their opinions about it right?

If any of you have attended  an investor meeting lately, how many different strategies did you hear? All have the "best" strategy for this or that. All are trying to help, but sometimes the opposite is true and they add to the confusion.

Here's my answer: Ultimately, regardless of the different opinions you may be getting, keep in mind who is is putting up the money? The absolute best thing you can do is to take the first step and work with a Realtor that will bring value and can help you.

First and foremost stop analyzing before you have a property under contract because if it is a deal it will be gone. This will be the biggest relief for you because you will be actually accomplishing something. Every Investor or Realtor will have their own opinions (buy foreclosures...don't bother with to and a short sale...don't buy a short sale-takes to long to find out). No wonder there's confusion!

Everyone is trying to be helpful but are they really being helpful to you or adding to the paralysis analysis?

Something else that adds to the confusion are seminars from these so called "gurus" that make things appear to be way too easy. They make a lot of empty promises and these seminars end up being quite costly. They would have been better off to use the money as a down payment or to pay for a fix up project.

Do you know of such an individual?

Bottom line:

Your first deal makes the fear fade away and then you are ready for the next one. No amount of reading one book after another or attending this or that seminar will ever give you the confidence you want.

Buying and selling Real Estate is not rocket science. Perhaps you're not giving yourself enough credit and are trying to learn more than you really need to take the plunge.

How about if you focus on what you need to do to get your first offer under contract if you haven't already:

1) Have some idea of what you want your real estate to do for you. (A business plan)

2) What type of properties do you want to deal with A, B, or C. Do you want to wholesale, buy, fix and/or sell or rent? What else is it?

3) Find a qualified Realtor that can help you evaluate properties. Perhaps you've been trying to do this all alone - a Realtor you can trust and that's an investor, can be your biggest friend in the business and perhaps the missing link that has kept you in analysis paralysis.

4) Surround yourself with a top notch team

A. (Banker -do you have your finances in order, are you paying cash, using money from your line of credit etc? 

 B. Contractor

C. Realtor

D. Accountant


F.Others- depending on specific needs

These individuals will have your best interest in mind. Knowledge is powerful for sure and you can always learn more so my guess if you are reading this you have enough information to take the next step.

5) Get an offer accepted with contingencies so instead of worrying about a lot of things,concentrate on the above 4 things and you will be much further ahead than before and well on your way towards wealth building.

So now what? Here's your first step: If you are interested in becoming an investor feel free to contact Fred at  402-679-3914 and and you will be happy that you did.

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