Are you concerned about your retirement? What are you doing about it?

It's time once again for YOU to take charge of your retirement planning as we suspect that you are deeply concerned about seeing you assets decline to perhaps the lowest level ever and now you are wondering what can YOU do about it right ? .

As you continue to see the downhill slide of this economy YOU are wondering what your financial future holds right? YOU cannot be terribly excited about investing your hard earned money in anything right now; however we would encourage you to consider investing in Real Estate as now is exactly the time to invest some of your money that perhaps it is earning maybe 1-2 % interest in the bank.

The time is NOW, as we cannot think of a better opportunity that currently exists in our area for the savvy individual to invest in "Omaha".

Timing is everything and the right time has arrived to get in the "game" and add to your portfolio or start investing. On any given day we can help you find undervalued properties on the Multiple Listing Service that just a couple of years ago sold for 30- 60 % and higher.

You can enjoy instant equity by buying these properties that will make good rentals. As an example we know of someone that recently bought a foreclosure and after spending $7000 dollars on remodeling the bank had the property appraised for over $46000 dollars more that purchase price plus fix up costs ( even in this market as conservative as appraisers are)

In conclusion, while our economic future may be uncertain, in our opinion what is certain is that Real Estate right now for those that are willing to take some calculated risks, have a solid financial statement, access to cash, are credit worthy, are not looking for any gimmicks or empty promises etc, RE should the financial option of choice on anyone's portfolio. Real Estate has met the test of time and will continue to do so.

Lot's to think about.

Here's your first step: If you are interested in becoming an investor feel free to contact Fred Tichauer at 402-679-3914 for a no obligation confidential consultation and you will be happy that you did. 

It's Our Mission To Help Our Clients Generate Wealth By Investing Iin Real Estate.

"Buy Today, Profit Tomorrow"

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