Winds of Change

The season is upon us when homeowners aerate their lawns with a menagerie of yard signs. Everything from garage sale advertisements and farmers markets to lawn care providers and construction or roofing companies. This year we have a little more color to add to the bouquet. It is an election year, and candidates along with their supporters peg their names everywhere.
The theory is, the more familiar the name, the more votes? The more business? The better publicity? So many names to take in, so many words on signs; I don’t have the attention span or time to read them all. I miss the scenery.
I confess that I have been a part of both planting yard signs and removing them. Two weekends of my own garage sales and a preference for presidential candidate drove me to it, though the wind in this state seems to make decisions of its own. Laying flat some signs, tearing out others and leaving some alone, I thought to myself, we need a better system to secure all of these signs – blockin’ out the scenery, makin’ my mind -- as a poet once wrote. Or maybe it is the scenery we need a little more of between the signs – suggesting our attention, rather than demanding it.
I planted a few sunflower seeds in front of the presidential candidate sign in my own front yard. It will take some time for them to grow, but in their progression, many signs will come and go, public and government offices will be filled, and as the full season of sunflower growth is reached, we will begin a new presidential term. I will have lost nothing in enjoying the view, that is, as long as my flowers do their work of growing. And the roots will run deeper into the ground, adjusting themselves to withstand Nebraska winds, taking up a more permanent residence on the landscape.
Dick Gibb

Dick Gibb

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