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Just as the trees are turning from white and pink blossoms to bright greens, garden plots are being etched out all over the city.  Gardeners are reading the backs of seed packets, plotting out locations and putting on their garden gloves and boots.  For those of us without the time to tend seedlings or battle back weeds; for those of us without the bit of soil needed to keep garden plants happy, a group of young, ambitious, and believe it or not, already a little sun-burned individuals are partnering up to bring fresh produce to you. 
Back in winter of 2011, 7individuals put their heads together to create “The Big Muddy Urban Farm.”  This group has 5 garden plots across Omaha and lots of ambition and support.  Their goal is to work toward providing Omaha with naturally grown vegetables and herbs and also to build community among volunteers and skill-building opportunities for future gardeners around the city. 
These gardeners are not only providing resources to help other gardeners get started, they are also sharing what they grow!  By buying shares in either half portions or whole (5-7 or 10-12lbs), they provide a bag of fresh produce for those of us less likely to plant our own.
They’ve got a good thing going in our own neighborhoods, and a lot more information for you at their website: 
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