Cottonwood Creek

It’s early. A cool breeze through the cottonwoods simulates a lazy wind chime, and I find myself stopping to lean on the trunk of my car and take in the view after a thunderstorm. A cozy mist still lingers over the low-lying areas. The coffee in my travel mug is not as hot as it could be, were I to brew it fresh and enjoy it on my own back porch overlooking the waves of grass and natural contours of the land before me.

This is Cottonwood Creek. With an effort to preserve Nebraska prairies and natural grasses, a few houses salt the landscape with a variety of views to offer and little to no lawns to mow. In the sweep of hill and valley, tall grass and cottonwoods, each home rests in a piece of its own paradise.

I’m taking this all in, imagining an invitation extended to me from any one of these porches, imagining the hot coffee and genuine company. The natural beauty of my home state, Nebraska, is waking up as the curtain of fog rises. I could love living here.

I think you would feel very much at home too.

Dick Gibb

Dick Gibb

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