Cherry Nut Ice Cream

While Father’s Day is still a couple of weeks away, Dads are typically very hard to shop for. Over the course of Father’s Day celebrations, Christmases, Birthdays and other gift-giving events, I’ve learned not to ask what my dad wants. It will not be met with any kind of practical answer.

Food, however, always brings a smile to his face, and the expression of love is in the creativity of the gift or in the effort it takes to find it.

My dad has loved butter brickle, rocky road and cherry nut ice cream ever since I can remember. Coming in from a hot day of working in the field, he piles a bowl high with whatever flavor he has on hand. Cherry nut ice cream, however, has become increasingly difficult for him to find. It’s a rare treat when he can have it, but he doesn’t have the time to look.

Omaha’s eCreamery located on 5001Underwood Avenue has saved me this year. This unique shop and even more unique website offers the option of creating your own flavor, personalizing your pint, naming your creation and even shipping it to the more remote corners of the country, or in my case, the state.

Online at, you can subscribe to a “Month Club,” create personalized party or wedding flavors, pick your occasion for sending ice cream, create your flavor, or even send gift cards.

I am impressed by my early preparedness for Father’s Day this year, and my dad will love it!

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