At Home in a New City

???????If you have recently moved to Omaha, or are thinking about making that move, it's important to know what you will have to leave behind and what you can look forward to.  Undoubtedly, you will face a mixture of emotions - the joy in the expectation and change and the disappointment of saying goodbye to the familiar. 

You are not alone in that sentiment, let me assure you.  From college life days to the "I want to take some time to travel the world before settling down" phase, I've been there too.  Each place I've moved, has been an adventure not only of discovering a new city, but of discovering more about my own hobbies, lifestyle choices, and interests - what to keep and what to leave behind.

From the availability of your favorite foods in the local stores, the favorite diner whare everyone knows your name, the running trails, or the places to go and find a little comfort in anonymity, down to the quality of coffee sold in coffee shops where you are looking to move, life is lived in the details.

The fun is all in the exploration of a new place.  The challenge is learning what parts of life you can leave behind and what parts you need to retain in a new location.

The need for time outside led me to take up running.  Running familiarized me with my surrounding area, and got me connected with other runners.  Other runners got me in to road races.  Eventually, road races led to marathons, and at once, I am at home in Omaha.

The love for fresh, red, farm grown tomatoes got me in contact with local gardeners.  Local gardeners let me know about community gardens.  Community gardens advertised seed exchanges.  And an overabundance of produce is now forcing me to find outlets to share the sweet fruit and make friends along the way.  What was once a new city to me is now a familiar face and a place I'm proud to call home.

Find what YOU love and make yourself at home!

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