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No Place Like Home

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I believe sincerely that our dignity as human persons is to have a place where we can eat, sleep, work, play in peace; creating enduring memories for and with our loved ones.
 My family, the Uhings, have over a 50 year history of building such homes. We started out as framers, laborers, supervisors, soon becoming owners of our construction companies. We have a history of building  homes that have "good bones" and "good looks". There are hundreds of Uhing homes in the Omaha area that are safe, healthy and energy-efficient. Inspired by my brothers, I started my own company, Ridgeland Homes, Inc. My brother, Don, perhaps, the best building technician, supervises the work project to make sure everything is done right.We do new construction homes and big and little remodeling projects.When needed or wanted handicap accessibility can be included.
You have many good builders to work with in the Omaha area. But maybe you are looking for one that can offer something different of value to you. My goal is to build six-ten homes a year. As a builder, I personally work with buyers on an extensive basis. No middle person to deal with. I am able to answer questions, provide costs, offer numerous options, get the right plan, and make the deal. People like this efficient and direct method of purchasing or remodeling a home. Buyers are also welcome to inspect the work at any time. If there are problems, we will deal with it right away.
As a small and independent builder, I have the flexibility to build on your lot within a range of 40 miles from Omaha. I can arrange special discounts, allow you to do some sweat equity, and bring in some of your own people. This can result in great savings and satisfaction.
You will be glad to know I DO NOT do the actual work on your home ( except I may sweep the floors, pick up trash,clean the windows).  I let the licensed and skilled professionals do the major items, I  pay them well for the best labor and materials, No cutting corners allowed! I do visit the project site on many occasions to check on the progress.
Homes are built or remodeled in a timely fashion. 180 working days is usually the maximum amount of time needed to build a new home once the hole is dug.
Stay tuned to this website. I will try to update with pictures and commentary on a regular basis.
Contact me anytime, you pick how you want the discussion to proceed.
There is a handy place on this page where you can contact me.  OR
Call or text: 402-709-072!7


P.S. If you are working with another agent, they are welcome and I will make sure they get paid.
Let's get you into a new or remodeled home soon!  THANKS FOR YOUR TIME


Personal Interests

Love to walk. As a cancer survivor, I made a commitment to walk 6-8 miles a day.
This activity refreshes my soul, stimulates my mind, and keeps me in great health.
It's a nice plan since I can eat what I want and just walk it off.

Enjoy traveling with my wife, Mary Jean, short or long distances, don't matter. We especially
enjoyed our trip to Ireland this last year.

Fishing, hunting, going to the theater, stimulating lectures, reading, meditating are
the other things that maintain my interest. Just grateful to enjoy every day.

Personal Background

Nebraska is my home state.

Bow Valley (town of 65 in the Northeast corner of Nebraska) was my childhood home.

Omaha my adopted city where  our family has been in the new construction
business since 1965.

Prior to my becoming a real estate agent, I was a Catholic priest for 17 years.
It is this career that has given me a strong sense of doing the right thing for
the right reason. Something people appreciate about me whether it is a personal
or a business relationship.


Professional Background

Love the real estate profession because of its commitment to the land and
the rights of the private individual to own his or her own home, farm or business.

I have been a licensed agent in the State of Nebraska since 1990.

Since 1999, I have had the privilege of teaching students from around the world
at the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE.

My other instructor assignments include Randall School of Real Estate, where adults
take courses in real estate to obtain their licenses. I also conduct a seminar in new
construction and ethics as part of their continuing education curriculum. 

I also specialize in new construction and remodeling. I owned Ridgeland Homes, Inc.
My brother, Don, is the licensed professional supervising and coordinating the construction process.
All bias aside, he is probably the best in the business. He figures things out many other contractors
can't. He always makes sure things are done right.

I also own my own construction company, Ridgeland Homes, Inc. It is a business
registered in the State of Nebraska, listed also as an Energy Star Partner.


Professional Interests

I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. This is a very active group of Catholic men
dedicated to many charitable causes. My favorite duty is to get up at 6:00 AM to cook
breakfast. Proceeds go to support schools and other worthy causes.


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