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Get comfy and settle in. Time to search for a home.

Thank you for visiting.  Please, pull up a comfy chair and strap in.  Let's get this home search rolling.

(Personally I am happy in anything Zero G.)


I am a firm believer that being comfortable with your surroundings makes everything that you do more enjoyable.  You don't worry about the small things, instead you take in the big picture.  This is how I like to work.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, seasoned buyer and seller, invester, flipper, or normal person in general I would like to meet you.  Why not meet over a coffee or drink to start reaching that comfortable feeling.  Meeting randomly at a home is very awkward and doesn't get anyone off on the right foot.

What would we meet about?  I like to set expectations.  Walk you through a transaction, learn what your needs and wants are, and to start a good comfy relationship so you know you can ask for anything you need.  So sit back, and lets enjoy the ride.



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