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DALE JELINEK, GRI CRS ~ Realtor/Counselor
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   DALE  JELINEK,  CRS  GRI - Realtor/Counselor


    Let me introduce Myself to You > I am a Realtor/Counselor with BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Home Services Ambassador Real Estate. I started my Real Estate Career over 25 years ago working Real Estate in different fields and doing many Transactions that gave me benefits in knowledge and experience for you Folks to be the Best Realtor. AS YOUR LISTING AGENT,  EXCLUSIVE  BUYERS AGENT, FSBO SELLER & BUYER'S AGENT, A PERSONAL REAL ESTATE COUNSELOR   and  YOUR  FRIEND.  

       My Personal Belief of Life comes directly from the Lord; "To Do unto Others as You would Do unto Your Self" with a high regard for Respect, Truth, Honesty and Integrity for other people.


 I am also, the Exclusive Area Representative for the Realtytrac Foreclosure Properties in Lincoln and Omaha area's including SE Nebraska with all it's surrounding small towns between. This Website is a huge Network System across the United States for the information and availability of  Foreclosure Property. 

  • Realtytrac is the leader and the most accurate advanced website online today. Realtytrac appears in every state with possible for as much data in processing as possible to giving the customer the inside edge on the Inventory and Public Records. My Services are Free to You at this Point to Answer Questions about these properties you seen on-line. The up-dated daily Report and Data Facts comes from Realtytrac for the general market trends across these country of the huge inventory of Foreclosed Properties. 

  • Realtytrac Website is ideal for the Big Investor, the First Time Buyer and the Individual Person > Who really wants to pursue a Real Estate Property at the discounted price.  I can assist you in many of these Special Ways.  > In a Pre-Foreclosure Property, The REO Property, Bank Short Sale Property, For Sale By Owner Properties or that Special Discounted Property located from the Bank themselves . 


       PLEASE FEEL FREE  to look over the rest of my Personal Website to E-mail or Phone me any time about questions or information !  I will be glad to handle these Questions and Prove to you that my 25 years of Experience and Knowledge is in your best interest. TO BE YOUR BUYERS AGENT OR  THAT SELLERS AGENT IN SAVING YOU MONEY AND TIME WAS A VERY GOOD CHOICE FOR US BOTH !


THANK  YOU   >  >   As a Christian following the Lord,  It would be my Honor to Serve You !






      Hi !  > Dale is a farm boy that grew up in Northeast Nebraska and Graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Production Agriculture and Agricultural Business Management. My wishes were to utilize this College Education with my agricultural knowledge back to the Family Business in Management. Thus, I gained hands on work management that  lead me into the future of my Real Estate Career.


      Shortly after my college day's, I soon realized it was my turn as the Captain of the Ship  for the Family Business.  Being a self employed man as I watched my father's foot steps in his examples from a youth. The managing a day to day operation running a Family Business was exciting and simple for me. Thanks to the Lord, for His Guidance in nature and weather conditions as I did succeed. The 35 years at this position being the Family Manager and Co-operator was a efficient time as a young man learning and teaching myself skills until I decided to return to Lincoln, Nebraska for a Real Estate Career.


      I was determined to search out for all the possible ways to build and keep up with modern technology. So I decided to reach further into the Real Estate Fields within Continued Education adding to my agriculture knowledge for wisdom and a higher education in this career.  My Personal Goals and Efforts were Simple !  To be the Best Professional Businessman that I can with having a High Respect for People giving them Honor as Clients or Customers that I meet in every day life.  


  • Unfortunately many people today do not think the same way as I did ! They do not improve themselves for their own Personal Life activities giving away to the same old rude verbal treatments to others remains. To find themselves in a self-centered World lost in a Power and Fear Struggle from a bad decision to blame someone else for their problem.  


  • My Own Fears was to not learn enough Knowledge about People  Skills of personalities, different cultures and ethnicity groups to understand their opinions.  > Why do People make it so Hard on Themselves to Not have a Desire to Reach Out to others ?  


  • For a Good Personal Communicator that has Listening Skills is worth more in education than many different types of degrees behind that persons name. As an Example; > If Personal Skills wasn't applied to help this Client achieve negotiation on a Investment Property, then the Time and it's Secure was lost in a NO  PURCHASE.   Another Example;  >  Thus, even a small amount of communication can leave this Buyer in a very Risky Business Position of Unfair Negotiation Terms.   Business Facts can stop any Buyer or Seller in developing a Fair Market Value Price for their Property and even for a Buyer to not over Paid Price !


    My Job is Fun to be the Best Realtor and Real Estate Counselor of Communication for you Folks  "I Will Be There For You"




        After my Real Estate Degree of GRI - (Graduate of Realtor Institute) and the CRS Degree - (Certified Residential Specialist) from my early years of  the Real Estate Profession. I kept in touch with the changing world in Real Estate by study to obtain more knowledge for My Career. This lead me deeper into the Counseling Fields that I speak about that has been very helpful to understand peoples motivations and their reason for a Real Estate Transaction. My Hopes and Dreams were to pave a bright future for the First time Buyers, to inform them of the process in the Purchase their First Family Home. Yes, it is my gratitude to help these inexperienced Buyer's and/or Seller's in feeling that they were treated Fairly and Honestly in their Real Estate Transaction ! 


     The Nebraska Real Estate Commission of today requires the Realtor seeking a Renewal License for them to obtain credited hours of Continued Education every two years. This two year program is excellent for all Realtors to keep up with the New Resources of the Standard Ethic Practices, Real Estate Codes and other General Practices in the Real Estate Business.  I personally believe strongly in Education as a Important Tool for Knowledge as I have attended many State Conventions and Conferences. The Best way to Serve You Folks has to Start with Me !  Through my 25 years plus of Real Estate to receive my  Education and  Experience from a  commitment in this Professional Career.



  • The Real Estate License Law  ** General Legal Law in a Real Estate  Transactions ** Brokerage Relationship for and in a Real Estate Transaction  ** Banker and Mortgage Lender Financing (FHA, VA, NIFA Loans, ASBA Loans, HUD or Hard Money Banker Loans) ** Bank Foreclosed Properties  ** The Short Sale Properties ** Bank REO Properties ** Tax Properties Purchases (1031 property exchanges)  ** The FSBO Buyer and FSBO Seller Relationship during a  Real Estate Transaction between Parties.                       


  • Radon and Mold Levels  **  Lead Base Paint Problem Properties  ** The New Construction Codes of Newly Built Homes ** Housing Codes dealing with Contractors ** Different Types of Commercial Property  ** Investment Income Property Returns  **  Time Share Properties  **  Rental Management Skills ** Agriculture Acreage Property ** Farm Land Investment Properties in all the Regions of Nebraska  



Designations and Titles !

  • Council of Residential Specialists (CRS)
  • Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI)
  • Million Dollar Club
  • MLS
  • Quality Service Certification
  • Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource



       My Personal Walk of Life is at no surprise close to my Professional Work of Life ! They are closely related to each other as it would be impossible for you to split yourself into two different personalities and be a successful Business Person.  Fact is, a individual having two different lives styles will not remember about Truth and Honesty in both lives and never become a  Successful Servant Leader ! 

     I Fully Believe if you are leading a respectful Path of Life in Truth, Honesty and Integrity these words will stand out as a reflection for your Personality and Professional Life together.  I have chosen to be a Man of God in pursuit of my Happiness in being the same Person in Both Life Styles.  It is easier to have a clear conscious with a vision of one own Life Goals using this word Integrity towards all People. The word Integrity even works at the Family Level as you are expected to wear many hats of different styles and shapes.  My favorite hat worn is for my wife, Jean Ann and our extended families as we anchor in the Lords teachings for a Balance of a Peaceful Life Style. 

     My Love for the Sport of Nebraska Football  as a Loyal Fan has been with me since High School and then to most other Husker Sporting Events. These University Sport Programs gives me a reward of the College Days  at the University of Nebraska to become every old. Other Personal Enjoyment for me is in listening to Christian Artists and their Music with the wonderful words and sounds to attend some Live Concerts. Then of course, I could not forget about the RV Recreational Camping and Fishing Getaways for a relaxing time that brings much Fun where ever we are Camping !     

      The Average Work Week  is around 30 - 40 hours for me by cutting back. Yet, I do remember and understand how hard it was to balance my Family Life as a young man fresh out of college working much over time. Today's world is much different in working with so many more situations for stress and pressure on the Personal Life and Family Levels !


      The Best Way I Found Stress Relief; is to get involved with a respectable group of people in some sort organization for personal growth and your mental health stress relief.  As a christian couple, we have chosen the church activities to mingle and be involved with people to share and the leadership in our Community of Shared Events. My lovely wife, Jean Ann and I have found that these functions at the Berean Church gives us much determination for  > "The Best Direction of Our Personal Lives to be good Servant Leaders and  Family Members".