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       DALE  JELINEK, CRS GRI  Realtor/Counselor


          Hello !  > > Let me introduce myself, Dale Jelinek ~ Realtor/Counselor with the Company ~ BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Home Services Ambassador Real Estate. I started my Real Estate Career over 25 years ago working in the different Real Estate Fields to do many different Transactions. Thus, given me the benefit of knowledge and of experience for you Folks in today's Real Estate Market.  I worked to become the Best Realtor that I possible could;  AS A LISTING AGENT, REGULAR BUYER AGENT, F.S.B.O SELLER AGENT OR THE EXCLUSIVE BUYERS AGENT AND OF COURSE YOUR PERSONAL REAL ESTATE COUNSELOR AND FRIEND.


          My Personal Belief for Life comes directly from the Lord;  "It is to Do unto Others as You would Do unto Your Self" with a high regard for Respect, Truth, Honesty and Integrity.  In a Professional Real Estate Career that lead me to become the Area's Exclusive Realtor for the Realtytrac Company. To be positioned as their Realtor for the cities of Omaha, Lincoln, and including the surrounding small towns between and SE Nebraska. My first duty was to be a Licensed Realtor with in the State of Nebraska so I could perform many different angles towards transactions for you folks and to know  this Huge Realtytrac Network System of Foreclosure Properties. To present the benefits through a  network of General Public Information in a system to purchase a property in Nebraska and across United States.


           Realtytrac Website Data is a great idea for the Large Investor, First Time Buyer's and the small Individual Person who really wants to pursue a Real Estate Property for investment reasons at a discounted price. Yes, I can help you in assisting through many of these different Transactions  > > "As a Pre-Foreclosure Property, REO Property, a Bank Short Sale Property for a discounted price and then the Typical  ~  F.S.B.O  Owner  Properties !


            PLEASE FEEL FREE  to look over the rest of my Personal Realtor Website to e-mail or phone direct for any questions. I will be glad to answer your questions from the M.L.S. Brokers System on-line properties and Realtytrac Foreclosure Properties with the Public Record Resources. We together will discover a special concern and quility desirer for you as being your Real Estate Counselor from past experiences and knowledge towards the Real Estate Market.   My Personal Goal is to be the very Best Buyer Agent or the Seller Agent, thus to give you precises time and money towards the search of this vase Inventory of Properties in Both Systems !    


    THANK YOU  > >  As a Christian following the Lord It would be my Honor to be of Service for You !







            Dale Jelinek is a farm boy who grow up in Northeast Nebraska and  attended the University of Nebraska for a college degree in Production Agriculture and Agricultural Business Management. My College Goals were to utilize this degree with my agricultural background towards the Family Business. That lead me to gain much on hands work experience directly involved in  the Agriculture Management Leadership for personal training for a Future Real Estate Career


           Shortly after my college day's were over  >  >  I realized it was my turn to be in charge as the "Captain of the Ship for our Family Business".  Being a self-employed ambitious young man, I learned much from the past by walking in my father's foot steps of his previous mistakes. Managing the day to day operation in the Family Business was exciting as I kept Thanking the Lord for His Blessings and Spiritual Guidance during the periods of natural occurrences and weather conditions to succeed. During those 38 years of my life spent directly in Agriculture was for the Family Business Growth. In 1980, I decided to return back to Lincoln, Nebraska pursuing a Real Estate Career and a different Life Style for the Family Business Investments.


            The realization of the up and down American Economy, I looked at diversification coupled with modern some technology was a important building block decision for the Family Investments. So, I committed to enroll in all the Real Estate Education Programs that I could find  > >  "Reaching High for my Personal Goals and Efforts was Simple".  To be the very Best Professional Businessman with a high degree and respect for People around me giving them the Honor.


    Unfortunatelysome people today do not think this same way. They have no mind set or desirer to improve verbal communication skills in building their own Personal Character. The same old rude and verbal mistreatment still does appear to others to find themselve caught up in a self centered world. Yes, lost in their own confusion of a power struggle from a bad decision to blame someone else for that Own Mistakes. 


    Risky Business Positioning: can cause anyone to stumble and be caught up into a situation of lacking Communication and Listening Skills. This Story is True as You Read about this Example:  > >  A Bad Situation that turned into a Real Estate Night Mare Transaction causing a chain of events to hurt several people in the process.


    Two Young Buyers Started House Hunting:  > >  They were lacking good People Skills and very unsure of themselves in Signing a Offer to Purchase Contract.  Yet, something bigger was about to develop for the two Young Buyers, as they didn't expected and was not aware of "The Two Greedy Sellers." Their Perfect Dream Home by the Two Young Buyers was caught up in a whirl spin of their own emotional weakness. Their Buyers Agent was not helpful as the two Young Buyers was looking forward in emotional support for their First Home Purchase in signing papers on an Offer to Purchase Contract.


    The Offer to Purchase Agreement was  written very quickly with signed Signature's and  Notarized by a Notary of Public  for the Legal Protection of the Sale Contract Agreement.  "The Young Buyer's were not aware what had just Happen" !


    For the Two Young Buyers First Home Purchase: was to entry with unlimited knowledge and a one sided view point in their weak listening skills  that turned backwards. They were caught up unprotected with out any Logical  or of Mental Strengthen to write this Offer to Purchase Contract Agreement. "For A Beautiful Older Brick Cape Cod Home with Two Large Bedrooms, Totally Finished Basement and a 1.5 Stall Garage. The Home had inside and outside Character with a Brick Fireplace warming the Living Room during a cold winter evening. The Curb Appeal with Landscaping and  Outside Lighting gives this Home a Great Charm".  It is a known fact and vitally important for mental preparation period before  the Buyer does enter into a Legal Binding Contract Agreement with a Seller.  Relying on the "Buyers Agent as a Leadership Person" was their only Hope and it did Not Happen !  Next on to the Bank Financial Obligations.

    The Banker Denied the Buyers Loan: the property was considered to have several  adjustments for the Buyer Loan to pass Approval with first results from a Low AppraisalThe Seller said,  No Way !  As to be mind set on the Sold Property offered from Buyer on the signed Offer to Purchase Contract. The Seller said, the Highest Offer is the Purchase Sale Price for the Buyers to Stick as they wanted our Home. It was their Responsibility to meet Requirments on the Original Signed Contract Agreement. Actually, the property required something else, a Government Housing Inspection Report that found repairs an replacements to be completion. All of the Repairs and Replacements were projected  to cost $9,875.00 and the Price Adjustment on the Low Appraisal was $10,500.00. All Guidelines are to be meet under the FHA Government Rules and Regulations before the Buyers Loan is Accepted. THIS WAS NOT AT ALL APPEALING FOR THE SELLER OR THE BUYER TO BE REJECTED. BOTH WERE VERY UPSET AT EACH OTHER FOR THIS REASON AND A TOTAL COSTS OF $20,375.00. THE BUYERS BANKER PRESENTED THIS FIGURE AND ETHER PARTY WOULD NOT ACCEPT THE BANKER LOAN ADJUSTMENTS !


    Government Bank Loan Guidelines are there for Approval: subject to a full Appraisal Report  with a Government Home Inspection Report attached is the policy for all  Government Loans with Underwriter Approval.  Certified Appraiser  is selected from a Registered ApprzaisalGroup under the Federal Government Home Loans Protective Act.  Properties are labeled with a identification number for a six month period under the system and the Seller has to accept full Liability. 



    THE SELLER OR THE BUYER HAD NO AGENT PRIOR COMMUNICATION KNOWLEDGE: These two Agents whom represented the Seller and Buyer was also involved in this Court Settlement !  Since the Buyers Loan was stopped it could not move ahead both Parties were Liable for the Original Signed Contract as written. Legal issues develop deeper and took place in a large law suite with costly Legal Fees, Court Cost Charges and the Court Case Settlement for all parties involved. "Sad, as It may Seam" personal mistakes are very costing and even for the "Seller's Own Greed".  The "Buyer's Emotions" was a very costly error and the "Two Agents" unethical practices against themselves cost a lesson to be learn. This Real Estate Court Case ended up in a Void Property Sale of a Listing and it's Sale.

    The Total Cost for all Parties involved was $52,588.00  > > > > YET, THE PROPERTY NEVER DID CLOSE !



    ANSWERS AND FACTS TO THIS EXAMPLE STORY: If an experience Agent was present in  knowledge with People Skills then the hopes of the Two Young  Buyers Emotions could have possible been protected. Bynot listening was in their Own Fears of Not Being Able to Purchase this older Brick Cap Cod Home.  An experienced agent would have told them of the possible water and structural problems were present and did appeared.  We look back on this over priced Brick Cape Cod Home as the "Seller's Pride of Ownership Home" with updating that left for little future value for the small square feet of the home. The acceptance of new paint, carpet, the refinish of the woodwork, outside landscaping and lighting added all done by Seller was not enough for $10,500.00 price difference. A  Pre-Appraisal could have been suggested in doubt of a high price listing by the agent with a Pre-Inspection Report before Contract Signing took place for the Buyer and the Seller.  < < ANSWER  


    The Seller on the other hand with their own Agent as a Friend  resulted in the agent bring caught up within themselves, just lost as a new Licensed Agent basically  > > No Experience to protect their Friend the Seller. The Seller Agent  on the other hand did not want to hurt the Sellers feelings and was not supportive only in hoping for the best waiting for this Home Sale to pass the Buyers Bank Loan to be approved so to tell the Seller. 


    ANSWER IS > > Yes, the Seller did need some experienced assistance from an knowledgeable Agent to speak the truth of possible a Bank Loan Denial. People skills were so important to the Seller as was the Buyer in understanding the Buyers Government Loan  Process.  Preferably  > >  Not by the Agent Friend not in giving  them solid advise and a clear understanding of professional guidance with in people skills.  Real Estate experience comes from the past of education and years skills of hard work to learn the Banking Knowledge, Real Estate Law and Legal Law skills to help this Seller for a smooth transaction.  The two poor Sellers were  caught up in a Legal Law Suite mess over their very own Property.  Real Estate Agency Law with in their Realtor was not practiced after the Listing Contract  was signed for the Sellers Real Estate Property Sale !

    I have just described the procedure of a Buyers Government Loan process under the Government Underwriting Guidelines > > FOR VA LOANS, FHA LOANS, FORECLOSURE LOANS, N.I.F.A LOANS, HUD LOANS and to include the Buyers Low or No Money Down Government Programs also of these requirements.



           I have acquired the Real Estate Degrees of GRI  -  (Graduate of Realtor Institute) and CRS - (Certified Residential Specialist). To keep up with all the changing Real Estate Markets and New Real Estate Laws that lead me deeper into the Counseling Field.  As my Realtor Business Card States > >   "DALE JELINEK, GRI CRS ~ Realtor/ Counselor".  Counselor Education has been very helpful for me understanding people motivations and their own reasons for purchasing a Real Estate Property. My Hopes and Dreams are to pave a bright future for the First Time Buyers in different processes during the Purchase of a Family Home.  It is my pleasure is to see a smile and provide the inexperienced Buyer or the Seller with Secure Feeling and to be treated in a Fairly, Honestly and Legally way through their Real Estate Transaction with Me !


         The Best way to Serve You Folks Starts with Me ! ! 





    The Real Estate License Laws  **  General Legal Laws in a Real Estate  Transaction  ** Brokerage Relationship in a Real Estate Transaction ** Banker and Mortgage Lender Financing  (FHA, VA, NIFA Loans, USDA Loans, HUD or Hard Money Banker Loans)  ** Bank Foreclosed Properties ** The Short Sale Properties ** Bank REO Properties ** Tax Properties Purchases  (1031 property exchanges)  ** Radon and Mold Levels **  Lead Base Paint Problem Properties ** The New Construction Building Codes for Newly Built Homes ** Housing Codes dealing with all Contractors ** Different Types Commercial Property  ** Investment Income Property and Returns  **  Time Share Properties  **  Rental Management Skills ** The Agriculture Acreage Properties  ** Farm Land Investment Properties from all Regions of Nebraska.  Also, the connection in Real Estate Law for a F.S.B.O Buyer and a F.S.B.O Seller in a  Relationship for of the two  Parties  Legal and Lawful Real Estate Transaction.





Designations and Titles !

  • Council of Residential Specialists (CRS)
  • Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI)
  • Million Dollar Club
  • MLS
  • Quality Service Certification
  • Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource



        My Personal Walk of Life is close to my heart and with in a Professional Life Career. They are closely net related to each other as it is impossible to be loyal to your self and then not to others in being around you. To accept a split  personality and act to serve others is not for me.  It has no purpose only the Greed for Money and Pride !    I do prefer to stay as one person and to become a man who is .............  

A Successful Servant Leader for People !


      My Personal Enjoyments are in Sporting Programs at the University of Nebraska.  Loyal Husker Football Fan since High School and then a Family Fan for Life. The Husker Sport Programs are a  personal reward for my life remembering the peaceful college days at the University of Nebraska. Other Personal Enjoyments includes a quiet time with in my self of  peacefulness listening to Christian Music of its beautiful sound and words to give praise as we have attended many Live Concerts.  Then of Course,  I can not forget about the RV Recreational Camping and Fishing Getaways for relaxing time with my wife, Jean Ann that we both enjoy that brings much fun wherever we are Camping !     


       I do remember and understand how hard it was to balance my own young Family Life with Personal Work load in past years. Today, as the World is so much more complex so many ways of stress  and daily pressure to drag life  down.  You can always Count on Me to help Distress and Balance your next Real Estate Transaction  > > THANK YOU ~ DALE JELINEK, GRI, CRS  Realtor and Counselor