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Another day in my life as a Realtor here in Omaha:  One of my sellers was unfortunately facing foreclosure after losing their job and having over a hundred thousand dollars of mounting medical bills due to their child's health.  They were referred to me from a friend and were already getting threatening letters from the bank including deadlines for facing foreclosure.  We discussed the possibility of being eligible for getting a short sale done and that was their only hope of not having their home foreclosed on.  We worked together and got the house listed in a matter of days and got an accepted offer in only 2 weeks!  Now, onto the short sale process.  Let's just say that the lender, who shall remain nameless, was not real good about keeping track of paperwork, needing the same documentation numerous times over the next 3 weeks and not returning phone calls.  Thank God that we kept documentation of things on our end!  The sellers remained resilient though, making sure to keep doing their part and submitting the monthly paperwork requested by the lender even though the lender was not confirming receiving it.  After 3 long months of phone calls, documentations, negotiations, trying to hold a contract together with the buyer and their agent because the buyer saw no end in sight of reaching a closing date AND trying to keep my sellers' heads up even though it looked eminent that they would be facing foreclosure, I FINALLY got the bank to accept the short sale for them and saved them from having to face foreclosure!!! There are parts of what we as Realtors do every day behind the scenes that people never realize and while this file has given me more grey hairs, it is SO rewarding knowing that due to my efforts & persistence and the cooperation of the other agent involved, my sellers can now breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that the future just got a little brighter!

While our job can definitely be challenging, it is so rewarding to me knowing that I just helped a family not only avert another crisis in their lives, but also help them be able to put yesterday behind them so they can focus on their tomorrow once again.  Thank you for reading.

Cory Fuller
Prudential Ambassador Real Estate

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Cory Fuller

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