Memories can be preserved but not replaced.

Being a Realtor, I have always tried to look out for my clients and really have a passion in taking care of people, just as if they were family. Today however, while doing a walk-through with one of my buyers on a house they are closing on later today, I found something that is still kind've bothering me. The house that my buyers are buying is for sale because of an estate sale, as the previous owner unfortunately passed away.  This is one of the more difficult situations that we as Realtors are counted on to deal with and help out the families in need.  Fortunately for this one, I just represent the buyer and not the estate. 

Sometimes when a family member passes, the siblings tend to get so caught up in who gets what and the money from the estate, that they forget the real purpose of why they are there in the first place, and that is to respect the deceased and make sure that their memories live on within the family.  Today while doing our walk-through, except for a couple minor things, the house was cleaned out nicely and the things that were supposed to be done in the contract were done.  The surprise came when we opened up multiple cabinets and areas of storage and everything was cleaned out except for boxes and boxes of family pictures, memorabilia, family accomplishments and other priceless things that would never have a chance to live on if the deceased wouldn't have saved them over the years.  Of course, I loaded the things up in my trunk and delivered them to the listing agent and she has contacted the family to see if any of them still wanted the boxes of memories. 

I guess my point in this all is that sometimes we get so caught up in the challenges and stresses of the day and life that we forget what is truly important to us, and that is making sure our memories of our loved ones live on forever.

Cory Fuller, Realtor

Prudential Ambassador, Omaha, NE

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