I jokingly tweeted that I was proud of my fellow Nebraskans, since for others it takes all Winter we got all our seasons snow fall done in 3 days. I'm sure for most of the small business owners that rely on snow removal as a large source of income this has been a blessing. I just hope they stay safe and get enough rest. Driving a heavy snow plow in bad weather on little sleep is hard work. Thank you to all of those who allow the rest of us commuters to get to work.

However, I am working from home today. It has it's benefits and it's draw backs also. My daughter, 9 years, is happy to be off school. My son of 3 years is excited that his big sister is home to play with. I have been indifferent about the subject since I had planned on my second day at BHHS being a full day in the office learning Dotloop and the other great tools they have to offer me. I guess I will continue to work on my virtual office and then shovel the driveway.....again.

PS - If any of those aforementioned snow plow drivers wanted to stop by and clear my driveway that would be great.  

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