KIMBALL CARES - Pays it Forward This Holiday Season

You can never put a price or value on the word "community."  We all long for it.  Strive for it. And hope to find it. Since living downtown for the past 10+ years, I've had several unique experiences with building community [within buildings that weren't originally built for that purpose].  This holiday season an exceptional effort was made by a small urban community known as Kimball Lofts.

Kimball has been an incredibly rewarding community for me to live.  The building goes beyond living spaces, into a breathing, giving, caring, community.  It's a place where the good outweighs the bad.  We share cups of sugar, crock pots, liquor, dog sittings, package delivery, hospital runs, etc.  A place where the positives (usually!) override the negatives.  We'd rather be half full; than half empty - - - particularly at any rooftop or community lounge gathering. LOL. 

This year resident Kristin Brown shared on our community forum that she and her husband, Scott were feeling committed to "paying it forward" this Christmas, in a bigger way than before.  I'm sure Scott, being an avid cyclist,  influenced Kristin's vision to "Buy urban wheels (bikes!) for children whose families could otherwise not afford them this Christmas.”  Kristin extended this challenge to our residents and our ever-caring, gravel-riding, Scott Redd, brought up the crucial point, "We can't just buy bikes, we MUST provide helmets too!“ 

So, where would these bikes go?  All Kristin had to do was connect with our fourth floor lofters to discover Michele Sullivan's teaching community connection with families served by Omaha's Educare Program.

Within three weeks, enough funds were given to purchase 20 childrens bikes for 19 Educare families (one family had twins!); AND helmets for each child.  With one quick U-Haul trip to Wal-Mart, and an evening of volunteers unloading pink, green, blue, red and multi-colored bikes (some with WHITE wheels!) . . . families will be receiving a token of love to gift to their sweet children this Christmas.  

Maybe through this gift, these kids will grow their own mini-me community of cyclists . . . and be the coming generation that continues to influence Omaha into it an ever growing urban cylcing community.  It's key to our urban future!

Meanwhile, Kimball Lofts continues to be an extraordinary community.  Something our Fourth Floor appraiser John, nor myself as a realtor can place a value upon.  It's just an extraordinary place to live. 

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