What are the most common buyer Criteria in a search?

If you need to know what the average home statistics look like here it is:

1900 Square Feet

20 Years old

3 Bed

2 Bath

One more fact: Buying a home hasn't been this affordable since the early 1970"s ( Stats from National Association of Realtors, Business Wire, Market Watch, Wall Street Journal and CNBC). The only difference is our interest rates are historically low. So what does that mean to you as a buyer and a seller. If you fit the criteria on your home, you should sell relatively fast. But, what if your home is smaller, or you only have 2 bedrooms and not 3. You have tons of choices to compete with the average.

#1) Clean, de clutter, and then get a staging professional in the home to make your house become the wow factor!

#2) Make the flow of the home favorable to all. Remove hutches, extra chairs to create space. Similar floor coverings work best. When you have a blue carpet and then a pink carpet it makes the eye stop. When all the carpet is a neutral color it keeps the flow going in the home.

#3) Paint in neutral colors, and then take down as much wall coverings as you can, this includes wall paper, and hanging pictures.

#4) Place a large Mirror at the end of a room. It will make if feel bigger. Have you ever seen anyone have mirror doors on the closets in the bedroom? It helps make the room feel bigger. I also see a lot of sellers put a mirror at the end of the hallway. Try it, you will see what I mean!

#5) If you have a non conforming bedroom in the lower level, then spend $1500 or so dollars and get an egress window in there. This way you can advertise your home as a 3 bedroom.

Expecting Housing Start will reach 1.1 Million in 2013 and continue to grow to an expected growth of 1.4 Million. So, what does that mean for you as a Seller. Get your home on the Market! We are in a Sellers Market. I am currently working with 36 buyers, all pre approved and we can not seem to find the right home for them. Otherwise they all would have bought by now. We need you to list your home. What happens after that, expect multiple offers! If you price with in the market you could potentially  see your sells price higher then your list price. It is crazy out there.

Call for a free market analysis. I can will also throw in a free Marketability Analysis to determine what needs to be done to get the home in order to sell. I know you are thinking I just re financed my home, but I am telling you, it may be worth a shot to take a second look at what is happening in this market.

Call while the market it hot! Shelli Novotny Associate Broker Prudential Ambassador Real Estate 402-250-7042 http://www.fremontomahahomes.com

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