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I have been in real estate for over 9 years. I started as an agent, then moved into Brokering my own real estate company. I worked very hard, and after 5 years of growing my real estate company, I helped negotiate one of the area's largest real estate mergers. Our company merged with another company. I thought I would be able to step back and really focus on my real estate business. Just the opposite happened, the stress of deadlines, keeping agents happy, and growing the company through training, and recruiting took it's toll.

One day my husband and I discussed our goals, we decided that I fell into owning my own real estate company. It wasn't my dream, it was my business partners dream. I took a long look at my life and asked my self, is this a life worth living? The life I was living was stress, and a lot of it!

I wasn't having fun any more. I couldn't keep up with my clients needs. So, I left my own real estate company and went to the competition.

I am from a small town, so I can only imagine what people were saying. I am sure many thought it was a mistake or a failure on my part to just walk away.

I can tell you it was the best decision for my family and real estate business. I am so blessed by having the courage to step out of managing, and focus on my real estate business. I am sleeping better. I am finally loosing the weight I put on. I am more in love with my husband and children and I have a handle on ME!

If you are not happy with where you are at in life, and you feel like you are swimming in a situation that is not making you 110% happy, find a new beginning.

I am so glad I was brave enough to walk away. I decided I can not worry what other people think of me, and all the rumors that I am certain that are going around. I can only focus on what I can control. I control my business, my choices, and my happiness!

I read some good books that Have helped me get through this time in my life, one is by Joel Olsteen, "It's your time", and the other book is "I should Quit Real Estate?" by Floyd Wickman and Derek Crager.

I decided that I wanted to live a life by design and not by default. I want to personally thank my friends, family and my Heavenly Father for all of their support. I am grateful I found these 2 books. I am grateful that I can restart my business and continue to develop new found business relationships.

I know it is important to be able to look at yourself in the mirror, and be able to honestly tell yourself, you are number one~!I know that God thinks we all are. We need to believe it and start living it!

I hope that anyone who feels like they are in a rut, and are not happy, that you can make a change. It might be scarey, and it might be overwhelming, but you can do it.

Be strong, Be brave and have your own Back! You are your most important asset. It is my hope that you will have the courage to change for the better. For you, and your family!

God Bless~

Shelli Novotny

Associate Broker

Prudential Ambassador Real Estate




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