Get Steeped

It is just about time to get the sun tea jar dusted off and pull out the remainder of last year's tea bags though they have probably lost a lot of flavor since last summer.  There are certain tastes that compliment a warm afternoon and a rest from your labors, and this is certainly one of them.  Before you go to all the trouble though, there is a place you need to visit -- Omaha's unique niche, The Tea Smith.  They can take your sun tea beyond what you have come to expect in an iced, cold glass of tea.

As I write, I am experiencing a little of the freshest, first-picked leaves from India's darjeeling region.  It's a bit exotic for an iced tea, but comforting and smooth all the same.  The wall just beyond me is a menagere of flavors:  Ginger Peach, Masala Chai, Lavender, Ceylon, Strawberry, Mango, Cherry Blossom, White Peach, Earl and Lady Grey.  This place is truly an adventure of taste and a refuge -- just like the front porch rocking chair and ice clacking in your glass of sun tea. 

The Tea Smith truly knows tea.  I recommend you stop by for a taste, but it is only in Omaha, just north of 78th and Dodge and in the Old Market on 11th and Howard. 

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