Home Mortgage Assistance

Home Mortgage Assistance

With approximately 500 licensed agents, we have an agent to meet your needs regardless of the style, price or age of the property you are looking for.

We look forward to helping you sell your home or find that dream home you are looking for. We believe in each other and ourselves. We understand that trust is earned and that good professional service is an essential part of that.
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Ambassador Mortgage Company is a locally owned, full service Mortgage Banking practice, committed to providing sound advice and exceptional service.  Partnering with some of the nation’s largest public and private investors, our experienced Mortgage Planners have the ability to offer a wide spectrum of product offerings at the most competitive prices to meet the needs of today’s borrower. Contact one of our Loan Officers today.                                                                                                                       .

Jeff Williamson, Sales Manager & Senior Loan Officer  

Website 402-401-2555 jwilliamson@ambassador-mortgage.com

Greg Burke, Senior Loan Officer 

Website  405-401-2554  gburke@ambassador-mortgage.com

Allyson Leisey, Senior Loan Officer

Website  402-401-2553  aleisey@ambassador-mortgage.com