About the Builder

Elaine Milroy has been licensed since 2005 and has partnered with Co-Owner Dennis Milroy, who is also hands on as well and plays a huge part in the building process to make the home experience so great. Elaine Milroy's background in New Construction and investment properties since 1988.  Attention to details and clarifying options for properties is my specialty.  I can help a client paint a picture of a home that is nearly nothing to become their dream home.  I can help with a budget and I take care of customers from the start of budgeting and planning their purchase all the way through possibly their second and third homes which means a lot to have a long term relationship that is so strong and dedicated.  I can offer financial options for lenders to affordable repairmen for different projects that will need to be completed or just for something that is cosmetic that will make the house a HOME.  Working with a customer is something I seriously and I am very determined to find a perfect home for each client. 

The new construction aspect is very detailed and I help make the process easy for the buyer and if they are using another agent, I communicate well to be sure everyone is educated on the process throughout the building process.  I work with the lenders, agents, clients, title companies, and families of the clients that are just as excited about the new home.

I can truly say I love my job and go to great lengths to insure a great ending.

Amenities / Floorplans

  • Hands on Builder in every home and has customer contact throughout the building process
  • Creates custom designs to meet the customers' needs
  • Flexible plans with changes & Options
  • Offers more options and upgrades in his home for reasonable costs
  • Commended on our beautiful cabinetry and trim carpentry in our homes
  • Building in vaious location in the Omaha Metro area
  • Many home plans to choose or from which to base new ideas

Homes starting at $175,5000+
Dream homes exist with the right builder! Free consultations and tours.


  • Covington in Gretna One mile south of the Gretna Water Tower
  • Plum Creek in Gretna Near the South side of Gretna off Hwy 6 and Schram Rd
  • Summit in Gretna East side of Hwy 6 at Schram Rd
  • Hyda Hills, Bellevue 27th and Plattview
  • Heritage, Bennington North of 156th and Rainwood
  • West Dodge Station, Omaha North of 180th and Dodge
  • Shadow Lake, Papillion South of 72nd and Hwy 370

Contact Us

Elaine Milroy
Tel 402-690-3735

Email elaine.milroy@bhhsamb.com
Website www.bhhsamb.com/elaine.milroy
Website www.decustom.com