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Three and a half years ago, our family was starting to grow and we had decided it was time to build a new home. My research was exhausting and I drove around to every single spec home and open house that was in our price range and part of town we wanted to build in. I learned a lot in this process and also noticed that there were substantial price differences between builders building relatively similar homes.

A friend of mine was also in the same position as we were and he found a cost plus builder he liked. I also began talking to his builder and realized that instead of building a 1950 sq./ft. home, I could build a home that was almost 2400 sq./ft. for the same price. To me, this was the deciding factor.

During our build, I almost immediately realized that building homes was what I wanted to do. I just loved the process! I was obsessed with being onsite every single day, taking HUNDREDS of pictures, talking to subs and other friends that were building the same time we were.

I absolutely amazed seeing the real invoices for cost of materials and labor. It was surprising how many subs and material sellers were resistant to give me the actual invoice. Almost everyone I talked to said "I will send this to your builder and they will give you a copy". It was very empowering to being able to tell them "NO", this goes to me for approval, not my builder. "I pay the invoice directly".

Looking back and talking to friends that recent built, there were a couple things that we all realized similar patterns. First off, we could identify THOUSANDS of dollars of waste in materials. Your dumpster tells the whole story. I was onsite a lot and rarely saw my builder. Had my builder been onsite, I would bet the waste would have been reduced and we could have caught errors that had to be corrected. Lastly, we all went over budget and some more than others. Our budget was a huge deal for us, as I am sure it is for most others. There were budgetary items that just weren’t quoted properly and it cost all of us thousands of dollars. It was through these experiences that I saw the opportunity to be cost plus home builder and address the issue above. Our promise to you is that we will:

  • Be on site, a lot. This will reduce waste and keep the build on track.
  • Stay on budget. Your budget is important and we will work very hard to make sure there are NO surprises.

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