Why should you list with an EXPERT?

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Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will make in our lifetime. It’s obvious, then, that you wouldn’t let just anyone list your home. You want an expert, someone with experience who knows the market and can help you prepare your home.

Anyone can price your home at the value you think it’s worth. Anyone can run an ad in the paper or feature it online. While those are good things to do, they aren’t what will sell your home.

An expert will determine the true value of your home with other home comparisons to back it up. They will help you get your home in the best condition and how to position yourself on the market. 

Don’t choose an agent based off of how low their commission rate is. If you were ill, would you try to find the bargain doctor? No! You’d want the specialist, the person that knows how to help you best! 

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