What kind of investments are available in Omaha right now?

Investing in real estate has long been known as a great way to grow your wealth portfolio and get a high return on your investment. Many millionaires attribute their large sums of money to putting their wealth to work for them in the real estate market. Sounds pretty good, huh? You are probably wondering what kind of properties are available in Omaha right now for such investing purposes so I wrangled up a few to show you. 


#1 Landlords Dream

3524 N 54 St- Listed at $77,000

Investment Property in Omaha

This property is a great investment opportunity because it's already tenant occupied so no need to spiff it up and try to find a decent renter. Think cash on cash and great ROI. Dick Gibb can answer any questions you have on this property402-680-3945


#2 Land Lovers 

2625 Benson Gardens Blvd- Listed at $89,500

Investment property in Omaha

This 1.22 acre lot has gardens, flowers, plenty of space and a little pond! There is an older house on the lot that needs some TLC but the main attraction is the location and the size of this lot! Mary Novak will assist you in this investment opportunity402-681-2452


#3 Trendy Neighborhood

6116 Evans St- Listed at $85,000

Investment Property in Omaha

This adorable house is located in Benson, a historic neighborhood that has recently become popular. It has a great nightlife and the younger generation is flocking to the reasonably priced houses. This house is currently tenant occupied and being rented at $935/month. Call Dick Gibb with any questions about this house, he also has several other investment opportunities available. 402-680-3945


Check out more properties here. You can play with the price range, area, and more to find the perfect investment for you!

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