The Little Known Secret That Will Get Your House SOLD!

The Big Secret is to Be Prepared in Advance

Sure it makes sense to be prepared to sell a home in the traditional ways, such as cleaning up all the extra clutter, making it ready to show to prospective buyers and sprucing up the home’s curb appeal. But market-savvy sellers are going one step further. Instead of just relying on what they think might be the issues that need resolution prior to sale, they are going out and actively trying to find out.

Get a pre-sale home inspection done, saving you lots of money on the transaction and potentially saving you the risk of losing the sale altogether.

With things the way they are in the market today, plus as we head into the cooler months and slowing down sales – now is a time when there is a lot of seller and buyer remorse going on. Sellers feel they are getting a bad rap with the amount of concessions they have to offer in order to get their home sold. Meanwhile, buyers get upset when they go through all the motions only to find that after having a home inspection done they have uncovered some concerns and want to renegotiate the price.

The simple secret that many successful sellers engage in is to have their own pre-sale home inspection performed. Whatever the items are that show up on the inspection report can then be included in the seller’s disclosure. Not only that, the existing homeowners can then work to address the issues that seem like potential deal breakers. In case potential buyers request further information about the items on the report – anything that has been resolved by the seller after the fact can be proven with receipts and contracts from contractors.

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  1. Sage It Up 12/16/2011 at 3:33 PM

    A pre-sale home inspection is money well spent. We recommend this with each home we stage for sales. Ou clients are always grateful afterwards. We keep our preferred inspector's contact info with us at all times.

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