The Chicken Plant is Coming to Fremont, NE. What Affect will this have on the City?

There is a lot of Hype in Fremont, NE about the Chicken plant coming to town. Living in a smaller City people want to be informed and it came to surprise to the majority of the City when they learned that Costco( had been in the planning stages of bringing a processing plant to their community.


Fremont, NE is a bedroom community to Omaha, NE and is well known for being quiet out side of a Train horn going off every few minutes. But what the BIG city may not know is that it is also the home of 17  well known Industrial plants. Many people from Omaha commute here daily to work.


Some of those companies include

Tek Services


Fremont Beef Co.


Kelly Group, dba Kelly Closure System,


Natura Pet Products


Nebraska Gas Turbine


Rosenbauer Aerials


CF Industires Enterprises


Provimi North America, Inc.-North America Nutrition


Jay Hawk Boxes, Inc.




Structural Components




ADM Soy Bean Processing Plant


Here is a link from WOWT news when the news first broke on the Chicken plant coming to the area


As time has passed the city is still divided. Many people think that the chickens will stink up the town. Others believe that Cosco will bring 21 Century solutions and problem solve for the stench and it will be well worth any smell that may come along with it.

From time to time Fremont has a strong smell. I have yet to decide if it is from the Hormel plant, the Platte River, or the ADM Plant? Who knows? Fremont may just want to consider the Chicken plant. It will bring in revenue and it will help generate income for the City.


One of the things I see that the plant will bring is more employment for those who just need a better job. I wonder if this will take jobs away from Hormel? Will they pay more?


I am like a spectator sitting on the bench watching it all. There are so many signs for and against on people's fences, yards, and in their windows. It surprises me to see how so many are fighting against it. I would love to hear the pro's and con's against a chicken plant.


As a Realtor, I want to know why this is a good thing, and a bad thing. I will look forward to hearing your comments!


As a homeowner I would think everyone would get excited about this. Our City would prosper with more revenue coming in, new construction would be on the increase and the city would continue to grow! What do you think?

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