Thank You 2012

Thank You 2012 Speeches


In 2012, I was invited to many places to give a Motivational/Inspirational speech as well as take some time to do coaching sessions around the United States.


Some important points that I talked about in the “Live With Intention” speech were:


  • Passion, Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm and its importance in life.
  • Never give up, always finish! It’s okay to let others help you.
  • Simple Acts of Kindness
  • How to Treat and Deal with Others
  • The Power of a Positive Attitude
  • Keep Life in Perspective and have Balance
  • The True Meaning of Success-
    • Always thrive to enrich the lives of others


Culture is something that is very important to the success of our organization. Attached is a video we had made this year showing our Culture.



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