Question to ask your Realtor before you both start to work with one another.

Did your agent supply you a Resume? If they did not, ask them to supply you one. Did you know that agents are applying for the job to help you buy a home, or sell your home. When you went out to apply for your job, did you have a Resume? Most people had to fill out a job application or Resume.

Helping People buy or sell a home is one of the greatest priveledges that an agent can have.

 I have always been taught, get to know your agent. Do some research, ask for referrals and make sure you are picking a top notch agent that is successful in the type of property that you want to buy or sell.

I have found that if someone wants me to sell a commercial property, I know just enough to get by. But, my client deserves the very best. So I let them know that I have some experiences in commercial real estate but to best serve them I would like to bring in the experts. So, I call on an agent that has far beyond my expertise to help me create a masterful plan to get the property sold or bought. I learn a great deal, my clients know I am assisting in the sale, or purchase and they are being protected!

So, be sure to ask your agent  this question; "What area of real estate do you specialize in?" ,"How long have you been in the business?" ,"How do you work?" ,"What are your expectionsof this transaction?", " How do you plan to protect my interest in this real estate transaction?Make sure they know what they are doing. If you are working with a newer agent that is perfect! Most new agents have a Mentor that is assisting them through the process. If they do not have a Mentor, or Broker that is helping them, be sure to ask them to bring another agent into the equation. It will help make the transaction run smoother. The agent will be happy to assist the newer agent and everyone wins! Escpecially you!

Prudential Ambassador Real Estate has an exceptional Real Estate training program. If your agent explains that they are in training, perfect! Work with them. I want to assure you, you will be taken care of. But, always be asking questions. If you were a new mechanic, they would be asking if another mechanic would be assisting in the over haul of their engine. If you were going to a new attorney, you would ask them for there credentials. If you were going to a new doctor, you would ask how long they have been studying. New agents sometimes know more then the older agents because they just came out of school. However, they are new at writing contracts.

Word of advise, be asking, and be selective on who you use. It is a big deal buying a home, and selling a home. Prudential Ambassador wants to treat you well, and help you with your real estate goals.

Happy Home Selling and Shopping!

Shelli Novotny Associate Broker

Prudential Ambassador Real Estate

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