Omaha Good Eats

Well I'm Really enjoying showing Real Estate Around the Omaha metro area. As I travel through town I am discovering a lot of great eats.

Big Fred's Pizza was served at a lunch and Learn here at Prudential Last week. It was Delicious.

I went to The Kona Grill and had sushi yesterday (The Volcano roll was my favorite).

There is a Hamburger place off 480 going north toward downtown. I got a burger and onion rings that really satisfied my craving. Go early though, because they were busy.

There are authentic tacos I get to go off L street. They are the best. 

In my pocket are two places to get an Italian Beef sandwich. I'll let you know how they are.

Listing and showing Homes has many side benefits. Good food and good people are just a two examples. 

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