Little Scandinavia

Ever been caught up in a culture so unique and lovely that you wished you could claim it as your own heritage? Elkhorn, Nebraska may not strike you as a rich, ethnic area, but a little shop on Main Street will convince you otherwise. Little Scandinavia wraps the warmth of hospitality around you as soon as you walk through the door. With a pot of coffee always brewing and a selection of crisp, ginger cookies arranged on a silver tray, you can get lost in the ambiance.

A family owned and run business makes you feel as if you are a part of it, though I myself can only come as close as northern Germany in geographical ethnicity. The shop is filled with delightful trinkets, tea settings, Viking décor, family photographs, and a very good sense of humor. Not only do I linger there wishing I could share some part of this Scandinavian identity, but I also leave wishing for more friends of the same background to shop for or with whom to share this little treasure.

A book shelf full of books for sale and a big, comfy couch invite you to stay, visit awhile or read.

I strongly recommend a stop. It’s a chance to rest, to laugh, to learn of another world and to be warmly welcomed in yourself. Tell Leonna I said hello.

Little Scandinavia

2619 North Main Street

Elkhorn, NE 68022

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