John Q Home Buyer said, "I'M NOT SIGNING ANYTHING YET" - Agency Disclosure

Agency Disclosure. Agency Disclosure. Agency Disclosure. It sounds like something you would hear in a B list movie from the actor portraying a slimy car salesman. No wonder we professional REALTORS® get so much objection from John Q Home Buyer when we ask them to sign it within the first 5 minutes of meeting them. We try and immediately point out that it states THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT and then use the line "The Real Estate Commission makes us get this signed." But that does no good and they end up throwing up the proverbial defensive wall. You can almost see the shred of trust they have for Real Estate Agents disappear like smoke in the wind. 

So, when is the right time to present the form that shall not be named? Everyone that has been fined by the NREC for it will tell you, "RIGHT AWAY!" Most brokers will tell quote the law as "The first significant discussion or meeting." Because that clears it up for us. I don't think you can give it a concrete rule except to say if they leave your open house without signing one you could be getting a letter from the NREC, because that was a tester.

I'll end with this. Truthfully if my prospects don't want to sign it then I haven't done a good enough job building the instant rapport I need to and that is my fault. I don't know if that's bad enough to be fined $500, but all of us play by the same rules that we knew going into the game. Do we have any right to complain? 

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