Is Real Estate Investing on Your Radar?

Are you diversified enough?

The stock market has seen an unbelievable tumble and if you are one of those that had money invested in the market I am sure you are deeply concerned about what to do about the loses right?.

As difficult as it may be to get excited about investing your hard earned money in anything right now it is not easy but, I would encourage you to think of investing some of your money in Real Estate.

There could not be a better time than right now to get in the "game" or add to your portfolio. We are in one of the most exciting times I can ever recall in my 35 years plus years of being an investor because of the opportunity to buy at huge discounts. As an example I am aware of someone that purchased a property for $36,500 a couple of months ago, put in approx. $7000 in remodeling costs and it recently appraised at $90,000 (equity position of $46,500). This is an example of what this market can offer the savvy investor day in and day out. 

I am  often asked the question if I think that prices will get lower, and my answer is I don't know, but what I do know is that there is no reason to wait or speculate further as a deal is a deal. The above example should be a good indicator of what this market can offer you.

In my opinion, Real Estate has met and will always meet the test of time over the long haul. For the most part Real Estate is not as volatile as the stock market and it offers a much greater opportunity to generate wealth as well as tax benefits. I have never known anyone that has lost a majority of their wealth in Real Estate, yet I can't say that about the stock market.

Many of my clients that have made a lot of money in Real Estate purchased at rock bottom prices (made their money when they bought) and are simply holding on. The time is now, so are you going to jump in the game or sit on the sidelines?

Our population in the Metro Omaha area will continue to grow, so good housing/rentals should always be in strong demand. How many business opportunities do you know that will work for you 24/7, 365 days a week and someone else is making your mortgage payment?

So my answer is an affirmative YES, YES, YES. You can generate a lot of wealth in the metro area

Lot's to think about. Call Fred Tichauer at 402-679-3914 for a no obligation consultation and you will be glad that you did.

It's our mission to help our clients generate wealth by Investing in Real Estate.

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