Homes for Sale over $500K in Omaha, NE

Curiosity may have killed the cat but it has also inspired many people to take great action in their life. Just like when you walk in to Target "just to look" and end up walking out with a cart full and something new for every room in your house. Here's to hoping your looking leads you to great things in life- like one of these beautiful homes for sale. 


The "My Life is One Big Vacation" House

26501 Taylor - Valley, NE      Listed at $675,000

Homes for sale in Omaha NE

This house was designed for those who believe in working hard but playing harder. Entertaining is a breeze in this home, the only problem you may have is getting people to leave! It's only 3 years old so it has all the modern amenities and features you want/need. After the parties over slip away to the serene master suite to relax. You were a great host, you deserve it. View all the photos of this house here & Call the Priority Group for a personal tour 402-630-5953.


#7 @ The Street of Dreams

20801 Frances Cir         Listed at $850,000

Homes for Sale in Omaha NE

Have you had trouble sleeping after the Street of Dreams ended? Well the house that had the really cool floor in the basement and felt like it was designed from the future is still looking for an owner to live fabulously in it. All 6 of your cars will fit in the garage. No need to leave the house in the winter as your built in cappuccino machine, gym and theater room will be there for your convenience. Imagine yourself in each room as you flip through the pictures here & call Sandy Beck (402-210-3845) or Teri Avard (402-515-1113) if you want them to take real pictures of you in your new house. 


The All Encompassing Family Home

13320 Eagle Run Dr.          Listed at $525,000

Homes for Sale in Omaha NE

Circular drive, grand 2 story entrance, handicap access, mother in law suite... Shall I go on? Ok, cozy Aquaticbath Infinity 6 with 17 hydrotherapy jets, very spacious floor plan, natural lighting throughout. The house has been very well maintained and features recent updates. See it for yourself! Pictures are here & Chris Beaton will get you in the front door 402-657-7663.


The Million Dollar Listing

14851 HWY 6, Gretna       Listed at $1,325,000

Homes for Sale in Omaha NE

This house reminds me of the castle in Beauty & The Beast. Grandeur library, 8+ bedrooms, 2 story entry and located in a private setting. Live out your modern day romance by the pool or open that bed & breakfast or winery you've always dreamed of. This house is proof that the sky is not the limit so go ahead and dream up your next big idea in the sauna. Interior and exterior photos are here. Call Shannon Zimmerman to make your dreams a reality 402-216-9006.

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