Excellent News!

Thank you, Vince, and CONGRATULATIONS Prudential Ambassador on our new & DRAMATICALLY improved website! 

I am thrilled to see the company take this much needed leap forward in making our company website more user and agent friendly!  The power and importance of on-line accessibility, ease of use and our presence is undeniable, and statistics continue to show the growing numbers of clients that research homes, companies and Realtors via the internet long before ever contacting someone in person about their desire to buy and/or sell a home. 

I am so happy to see Prudential Ambassador take this enormous step toward helping ALL agents in this company rise above the masses, allowing us this important opportunity to customize our page for our business and clients, and ultimately offer better service to our clients! This is exactly the kind of support I hoped to see and experience with my move to Prudential Ambassador, and it is hands-down the best investment I have personally experienced since joining the Prudential family. 


I look forward to continuing to see us move in this direction with the best opportunities and resources to ensure we each have every opportunity to serve our clients with "Service You Can Brag About!"

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