Condition, Condition, Condition

You always hear the saying location, location, location in Real Estate.  The reason it is said three times is because it is the most important factor in making a piece of Real Estate valuable.  But many people overlook the second most important factor in making Real Estate Valuable and that is my friend CONDITION!  In todays market the houses that are selling are the houses at high prices are the ones that show amazing!  Would you ever sell your car without washing it?? If so you will lose hundreds and maybe a few thousand.  The same is with your home!  Not preparing your house for sale will result in lost market time and thousands of dollars.  So you dont think you can afford to prepare your house.  Get your work gloves on give the house a deep scrub and freshly paint the house inside and out.  Five hundred dollars in paint and cleaning supplies can easily make your house sell for an extra 5 to 10 thousand dollars.  Much Light and Happy Selling!

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