Comparing New Construction to Existing Homes

So you are thinking about New Construction but wonder if it is worth the expense, or should you go with existing homes. Ask your self some simple questions. How much will it cost me for all the upgrades, how much are the extra's from a finished basement, under ground sprinkler systems, privacy fence, landscaping, and don't forget that must have wet bar and wine cellar. Then ask your self, should we live in the big City, small town or out in the country? You will need to consider lot price, price per sq. foot to build, and what kind of amenities you want in your home. Once you have made up your mind which direction you are going to go. Be sure to really think how long you plan on staying in your home. When you go new construction, you will want to make good upgrade choices so if you have move on a minutes notice you are certain to not be out priced for the neighborhood.

It is always good to hire a professional Realtor who understands your market and can run the numbers for you to best help you understand your options.

Here is a perfect property to compare with new construction! Happy Shopping and Comparing!

Shelli Novotny

Prudential Ambassador Real Estate


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