Choosing an Agent to List Your Short Sale

Good Realtors are vital to the success of a short sale. Short sales are entering a new, much more vital stage in the United States.  This new stage will be helping set up the nation-wide market for recovery and a good listing agent will be a big part of this recovery.

If you or someone you know needs help with a short sale, here are three quick tips to help get on the right path with a good Realtor.

#1 Select experience first.  Selecting a good listing agent should center around someone with experience.  Realtors dedicated to short sales are constantly educating themselves on the ever changing lender policies, changing laws and the overall credit impact on a short sale seller. 

#2 Once you have a good Short Sale Realtor - Listen to them.  First of all ask for the facts.  What will you do to make sure my deficiency is waived?  What will the most likely scenario look like?  How long have you seen it take for people to buy a home once they do a short sale?  All important facts you need to understand before forming opinions and making decisions

#3  Follow a proven path.  As with everything in life, success leaves clues in the world of short sales.  There are certain ways to package a file so the lender will look at it quicker and make better decisions.  Make sure your Short Sale listing agent can give you some examples of these experiences.

Begin with the end in mind.  A good Short Sale listing agent can help a homeowner out of a tough situation and into a position to re-enter the market in a short amount of time. 

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