BHHSamb's 3 Most Anticipated Developments in 2018

Being a long time Omaha resident, it's exciting to see all the changes that have been going on- over the last 5 years especially.  It seems that Omaha residents are asking for more entertainment options and they are definitely going to get what they asked for. Check out what we can look forward to in 2018!


La Vista City Centre & Civic Center Park

One of the most anticipated developments is outside Omaha city limits in La Vista, a city of approximately 17,000 and residents could not be more excited that a plan has finally been put into action. The area along 84th Street between Giles and Harrison had been slowly losing interest as a spot for businesses looking for a new place to call home but that is now going to change. The nearly $200 million development has been described as the downtown the city never had, and with plans for apartments, offices, restaurants and bars- it will be just that. Phase one is currently underway, located on the north half of the future downtown main street which includes the construction of a new First National Bank building and a few other businesses that will open as soon as the end of this year! Future plans for this area include a civic park with a lake which will be taking place of La Vista’s golf course, as well as an amphitheater and trails linking the park to the City Centre. We love this development as it is bringing something the area has never seen before and will bring new life into an area that has been struggling for almost 10 years. These multi-purpose residential, commercial and entertainment areas are becoming increasingly popular… look at the Railyard in downtown Lincoln and the Capitol District in downtown Omaha... which leads us to our next development to talk about.


Capitol District

We know this one has been in the works and already has some amazing new businesses and attractions, but we can’t stop being excited about everything that is to come. Downtown Omaha is small enough that almost everything is in walking distance however most people don’t take advantage of that because of the gap between the two existing major areas- the Old Market and TD Ameritrade/CenturyLink Center.  We think that the Capitol District will change that, people will be more likely to hit multiple areas- grab a drink in the Old Market, have dinner in the Capitol District and then head to the game or concert. So far, the Capitol District is home to the new Marriott hotel, the highly desirable Capitol District apartments, the beautiful 1000 Dodge event venue as well as many longstanding businesses such as Local and DJ’s Dugout AND it’s still developing. Many of the shops and restaurants will open in the spring of this year including: J. Gilberts, Lighthouse Pizza, Beer Can Alley and The Exchange. The Capitol District plans to host concerts, movies and much more. The Downtown Omaha experience is going to be transformed by this development.



West Farm

The growth in West Omaha is definitely not going to slow down anytime soon and will only become more appealing to new and existing residents, especially with the mixed-use West Farm development that is currently under construction. This new development is strategically located in the major growth area of western Omaha between West Dodge Road and Pacific Street at the corner of 144th Street. Developers of West Farm envision the area to be pedestrian-oriented with a beautiful & well thought out layout which will include an outdoor mall, retail stores, restaurants and entertainment. The project’s masterminds want to keep the area open by using a third of the space for walking and biking trails, park areas and green space. The other 80% will be used for a projected 2,100 housing units and 2 million square feet of office space, retail and entertainment. South Farm, the southern section of the development will be a mixed-use community with a neighborhood retail center and residential land, all connected by an open space network of rolling hills and trails. We love the plan that has been set out for the West Farm development and can’t wait to see what else 2018 brings to the Omaha metro.

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