Add Green to Your Halloween

Add Green to Your Halloween

Add a little "green" to your holiday by helping promote healthy, animal-friendly, and EEK-O-friendly Halloween events in your community. Having "Green Halloween" events and booths will show kids and adults how to apply the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – to Halloween activities. From swapping conventional candy for healthier treats, to participating in green costume contests and making animal crafts out of recycled products, Green Halloween demonstrates how there are a number of ways to make Halloween fun and eco-friendly.

Five tips to make your Halloween healthier and greener include:

• Always purchase new costumes? This year, swap! National Costume Swap Day™ is Saturday, October 13, so before heading to the big box store, look for a local costume swap.
• Prefer to hand out treasures? Empty your kids' pockets! Get inspired by the treasures they store—shiny rocks, feathers, sea shells. Stock up on these types of items and offer a choice.
• Looking for alternatives to conventional candy? Choose healthier treats that everyone from toddlers to teens will love, including snack bars, organic lollipops, fruit snacks or all natural gum.
• In the habit of buying new Halloween decor every year? Try exchanging old for new-to-you decor with friends and neighbors, or find decorations at your local Goodwill. Consider using edible items like pumpkins and other types of squash that can be turned into yummy soups and dishes after Halloween. Host a make-it-take-it decor party before the big day. Pull out every black, purple or orange item in your home and decorate with those. Search online for how to make decor out of items you'd normally toss.
• Used to giving out handfuls? Cut back by 25 percent. Kids won't notice the difference, but you'll save money.

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